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Sleep Training

Welcome to Go to Bed Sleepyhead Inc., an organization that provides you with an experienced, highly skilled, and well educated sleep consultant who can assist you with your needs regarding maternity, infant, and toddler sleep issues.

Pregnancy and having children are joyful times, but it can also be stressful for parents, and let’s be honest, you are so focused on your little one that you don’t have time to read a stack of books on proper sleep habits when you’re trying to keep track of everything else that your baby or child is doing.  You’re tired, and trust me, as a parent myself (of a very spirited toddler!), I’ve been there and know the feeling!  So let me help you.

I don’t just create a sleep training plan – I discuss your situation with you and get to the root of the sleep issues that your child is experiencing.  This method leads to a much smoother transition when sleep training begins with your own personalized sleep schedule that shows you how to implement the plan with step by step instructions.

I work closely with each family and aid them in choosing the sleep method that works best with their family dynamic, although I prefer to practice gentle sleep training methods, which is why all of our sleep packages include two weeks of contact with me on a regular basis, including phone calls and emails.  You don’t have to do this alone – I will be here to guide you throughout your experience.

Contact me for a free thirty minute phone call and we can see if I am the right person to assist you on your journey to a good night sleep.  You invest so much time and energy into your children, but it’s important to invest in yourself as well.  Isn’t it about time that you all got a good night’s sleep?


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